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From ecological thinking to sustainable solutions

Environmental relief – awarded with the “blue label by Borgers®

Under our most recent trademark of “blue label by Borgers®” we are developing processes, technologies and products which achieve the superlative of sustainability.



Ready for series production:

With the world’s first textile wheel arch liner made from ocean plastic Borgers has developed the first blue label product to series production, thereby allowing our customers active environmental protection of the world’s oceans.

Waste from our oceans – like PET bottles, for example – will be collected and recycled into high-performance raw materials and premium-quality products. That way wheel arch liners carrying the blue label make a direct contribution to rendering vehicles more environmentally friendly.

Our “blue” products are manufactured without waste und can thus be completely recycled again at the end of the vehicle service life. That way the waste removed from the environment remains permanently in the reusable material cycle.

Collecting PET waste from coastal regions, rivers, shores and beaches reduces further pollution of the oceans.

The world’s first wheel arch liner made from ocean plastic
The world’s first wheel arch liner made from ocean plastic


A blue label product does not only do justice to the idea of environmental protection. The focus is here just as much on social and societal responsibility, human rights, and in particular on children’s rights and the prevention of child labour.

Accordingly we only work together with suppliers and partners who respect this focus.

The basis for cooperation is always provided by our terms and conditions, which contractually oblige our business partners to respect, support and observe human rights, in particular the regulations of the United Nations on human rights and children’s rights (cf. terms and conditions clause 17.4).

The origin of our raw materials is documented in our terms and conditions as well as by certificates.


With every vehicle equipped with Borgers blue label wheel arch liners we free the ocean from 120 PET bottles.

Day by day we manufacture 77,600 wheel arch liners and we are working every day on converting those to series production ocean plastic.

In general, textile wheel arch liners offer a variety of different advantages – their benefits become particularly obvious in comparison to conventional injection-moulded components:

  • perceptible noise reduction in the passenger compartment, in particular with regard to tyre noise, water spray on wet roads and stone impact
  • reduced splash formation
  • additional protection against corrosion
  • use of recycled materials
  • waste-free manufacturing
  • increased cost-effectiveness
  • reduced weight
  • increased abrasion and impact resistance
    Blue label wheel arch liner in a road test
    Blue label wheel arch liner in a road test


    Road tests and numerous measurements document that our ocean plastic wheel arch liners speak for themselves, in the laboratory as well as in practice.

    If requested by the customer, wheel arch liners in series production can be converted to ocean plastic timely and without problems. 

    For demonstration purposes we deliberately manufactured our blue label products from blue fibres. The usual black colouring is of course still possible.





    We invented the textile wheel arch liner in 1995, thus setting the industry standard. From the compact car to the luxury vehicle, today a myriad of customers are already profiting from our sustainable recycling products made from Propylat. Since then we have sold our invention more than 200,000,000 times!



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