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From ecological thinking to sustainable solutions

Our trims: high diversity, no rattling

Product example: tailgate lid trim
Product example: tailgate lid trim

On the basis of PropylatTRIM we manufacture a wide variety of different trim and carrier parts. In general, cotton and/or synthetic fibres from polyester are hardened by thermoplastic binding agents  made from polypropylene. Alternative compositions with bast, glass or carbon fibres are also possible. Compared to the insulation material PropylatNVH, the densities are considerably higher at between 250 and 600 kg/m3, depending on the area of application.


PropylatTRIM end products are components for the interior of vehicles, e.g. complete luggage compartment trims, floor carpets and package trays. However, today this material has also become indispensable for the exterior in undershields and outer wheel arch liners.


The use of PropylatTRIM is furthermore envisaged in door and instrument panels as well as for the back panels in the passenger compartment of convertibles.

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