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Per 1. April 2023 hat die Autoneum Holding AG das Automotive-Geschäft der Borgers Gruppe übernommen. Ausgewählte Inhalte dieser Webseite werden derzeit in die Onlinepräsenz der Autoneum Holding AG überführt. Bis zum Abschluss dieses Transfers wird die Webseite der ehemaligen Borgers Gruppe nicht mehr aktualisiert. Für weitere Informationen verweisen wir gerne auf www.autoneum.com.

As of April 1, 2023, Autoneum Holding Ltd acquired the automotive business of Borgers Group. Selected contents of this website are currently being transferred to the online presence of Autoneum Holding Ltd. Until this transfer is completed, the website of the former Borgers Group will no longer be updated. For further information please refer to www.autoneum.com.

From ecological thinking to sustainable solutions

Our insulations leave the noise outside

Example: Heavy film on top of a springy fibre fleece insulation
Example: Heavy film on top of a springy fibre fleece insulation

Spring mass systems consist of two layers, which are in direct contact with the sheet metal of the car body. 


A high-mass layer made of low-expansion foam or film lies on top of a springy layer, e.g. of soft foam or fibre fleece. Due to this decoupling of the mass layer from the sheet metal of the car body, the acoustic effect of the mass is considerably increased, as its physical inertia can be optimally adjusted to the inbound oscillation amplitude because of the springy support.


To achieve a comparable insulation effect exclusively with low-expansion foam or film a charge weight many times higher would be required. Thus the spring mass configuration constitutes a contribution to weight reduction by means of optimum use of heavy masses.