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From ecological thinking to sustainable solutions

ProSpace – brand name and innovative specialist for package trays

Package trays profit from ProSpace
Package trays profit from ProSpace
Package trays profit from ProSpace

The demands on the passenger compartment are changing. Alternative power units and the development towards autonomous driving impose new requirements on the interior of almost all vehicle classes.


With ProSpace we have succeeded in developing a completely new carrier concept for package trays, meeting the high acoustic demands as well as featuring improved mechanical characteristics.


With regard to parcel shelves, up to 20% of weight can be saved compared to the well-proven PropylatTRIM. In parallel, series application demonstrated an improvement in performance.


Ready for series production since 2019, the new material compensates for the reverberant surface of a large panorama sunroof, for example, thus providing excellent acoustics even in premium and luxury class vehicles.


The essential advantages:

  • 20% lighter than previous Propylat solutions
  • cost-effective due to reduced material usage
  • improved mechanical properties, above all higher resilience and stability
  • increased acoustic performance with enhanced absorption at reduced weight
  • 40% higher airborne noise absorption, especially at high frequencies


As thermoplastic material, ProSpace facilitates the combination of the most diverse mineral and synthetic fibres, thus remaining comparably versatile and sustainable like our Propylat concept.


Virtually any package tray can be manufactured from the new material.

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