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From ecological thinking to sustainable solutions

Our absorbers and insulations do not only improve acoustics

Product example: wheel arch absorber
Product example: wheel arch absorber

PropylatNVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) is used for interior components with an absorbing function. The basic raw material is cotton which is hardened by using thermoplastic fibres. We deliberately abstain from using chemical binding agents.


Depending on the field of application, PropylatNVH is manufactured in densities from 80 to 250 kg/m3. The particular characteristic of this material is that different densities can be produced within the same component. Thus it is possible to combine characteristics like sound absorption and rigidity.


According to the type of manufacture, PropylatNVH is used in different variations as:


  • made-to-measure flat material (e.g. for floor insulations)

  • moulded component with varying density (e.g. for inner wheel arch absorbers in luggage compartments)

  • classic spring-mass-system in combination with heavy layer (for dash insulations)

  • multi-layer system with airflow increasing layer (e.g. for particularly light dash insulations which do not need a heavy layer)

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