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From ecological thinking to sustainable solutions

Our absorbers and insulations do not only improve acoustics

Cotton, essential element of duroptex
Cotton, essential element of duroptex

The versatile material duroptex is used for insulation, trim and carrier components. The basic concept consists of cotton which is hardened by adding thermoset binding agents. For duroptex – in comparison with the material triflexadvanced – this is exclusively done with hexa-free hardeners. If necessary, jute, kenaf or bast can be added to increase the product’s rigidity. The plant fibres can be substituted or supplemented by glass fibres to obtain a higher temperature resistance and form stability. Likewise, rigidity can be increased by adding glass fibres. 


Depending on the field of application, duroptex is compressed to varying strengths, as carrier parts – like package trays for example – require a higher density than absorbers or trims. Combinations of various densities in the same component are also possible.

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