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From ecological thinking to sustainable solutions

Hightech from renewable and recycled raw materials

Natural fibres, the basic material for most of our non-wovens
Natural fibres, the basic material for most of our non-wovens

Non-wovens are the basis of the majority of Borgers' products. They are manufactured from natural fibres (e.g. cotton, jute, kenaf) and synthetic fibres, mostly from recycled raw materials. Depending on the type of process and the composition of the fibre mixtures, they constitute very specific characteristics of the materials and products which can be matched exactly to the particular field of application.


In addition to non-wovens we use paper honeycombs as particularly light and stable carriers in the interior. Depending on the requirements, flexible, low expansion and integral foams are used for acoustically efficient components in the whole vehicle.


With regard to their functionality we distinguish between materials for insulation, absorber, trim and carrier components as well as decor materials. Which of our materials we use in those categories, you will learn on the following pages.

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