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Privacy Policy

BORGERS welcomes your visit to our website and your interest in our company.


BORGERS takes the protection of personal data very seriously. For this reason we would like to inform you about which data and information we store and how we use them. The processing of the data is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the law of that state in which the authority responsible for the data processing is registered.


1 Information on the collection of personal data
In the following we are informing you about the collection of personal data when using our website. Personal data are all data which refer to you personally, e.g. name, address, email addresses, consumer behaviour. 


(2) The party responsible as defined by Article 4(7) EU Basic Regulation for Data Protection (DS-GVO) is:

Borgers SE & Co. KGaA, Bocholt
Borgersstraße 2–10
46397 Bocholt, Germany
Telephone: +49 2871 345–0
Fax: +49 2871 345–291
Email: info(at)borgers-group.com


Represented by the Executive Board of Borgers Management SE:
Dr. Matthias Häberle


You can contact our data protection officer as follows:
Ann-Kathrin Birker
equeo CompCor GmbH
Kissinger Straße 1-2, D-14199 Berlin
Ndlg.: Königsbacher Straße 51, D-75196 Remchingen
Telefon: +49 (0) 800 – 313 400 900
E-Mail: datenschutzbeauftragter(at)borgers-group.com 


(3) If we wish to fall back on contracted providers for individual functions of our offer or use your data for promotional purposes, we will inform you in detail about the specific events as follows. In the process we will also quote the stipulated criteria for the storage period.


2 Your rights
(1) You have the following rights towards us with regard to the personal data referring to you:

  • right of access, 
  • right to rectification or deletion, 
  • right to restriction of processing, 
  • right of appeal against the processing, 
  • right to data portability. 


(2) You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority about the processing of your personal data by us.


3 Collection of personal data when visiting our website
If you only use our website for information, i.e. you do not register or otherwise send us information, we only collect those personal data which you browser submits to our browser. 


If you would like to look at our website, we collect the following data which are technically necessary for us in order to display our website and guarantee the stability and safety (legal basis is the first sentence of Article 6(1) lit. f DS-GVO):

  • IP address 
  • date and time of the enquiry 
  • time zone difference to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) 
  • content of the request (concrete page) 
  • access status / HTTP status code 
  • individually transferred volume of data 
  • website from which the request originates 
  • browser 
  • operating system and its interface 
  • language and version of the browser software. 


The collection of these data does not take place permanently but only if this is necessary due to technical or safety-related reasons.


There is no personal utilization of the date, even if these potentially permit identification. As far as the evaluation of the data is concerned, this takes place in an anonymized form with the purpose of improving the appeal, contents and functionalities of our website. 


Insofar as data is passed on to external service providers (webhosters) on these occasions, we ensure by technical and organizational means that the provisions of data protection are observed. 


The processing of the data takes place according to Article 6(1) lit. f DS-GVO on the basis of our legitimate interests in the improvement of our online presence, such as the safety, functionality and stability of our website. 


A transfer or other utilization does not take place. Should concrete indications arise for an illegal usage of our online presence, we reserve the right to review the server log files retrospectively.


(2) In addition to the previously mentioned data cookies are stored on your computer when you use our website. Cookies are small text files, which are stored on your hard drive, assigned to your browser, and through which certain information flows to the site which sets the cookie (in this case by us). Cookies cannot execute programs or transmit viruses to your computer. They serve the purpose to make the online services overall easier to use and more and more effective.


(3) Use of cookies:
This website uses the following type of cookies, the scope and operating modes of which are explained as follows:


  • transient cookies 
  • persistent cookies 


Transient cookies are deleted automatically when you close the browser. They include in particular the session cookies. These store a so-called session ID, with which various requests of your browser can be assigned to the joint session. This allows for your computer to be recognized when you return to our website. The session cookies are deleted when you log out or close the browser.


Persistent cookies are deleted automatically after a scheduled duration, which can vary according to the cookie. You can delete the cookies at any time in the security settings of your browser. 


You can configure your browser settings according to your requirements and refuse to accept third party cookies, for example, or even all cookies. We would like to point out that you may then not be able to use all functions of this website.


4 Further functions and offers of our website
(1) Apart from the purely informative use of our website, we offer various services which you can use if you are interested. Personal data are only collected if you voluntarily submit them to us within the scope of registration and by sending emails, e.g. for reasons of initiating or implementing a contract. 


(2) We partially use external service providers to process your data. There were carefully selected and assigned by us, are bound to our instructions and monitored regularly.


(3) In addition, when you register as a user in the data exchange / supplier portal of our website, the user ID necessary for registration is also stored.


(4) The processing of data takes place according to Article 6(1) lit. b DS-GVO for the initiation or implementation of a contract or in our legitimate interest according to Article 6(1) lit. f DSGVO in order to respond to your request.


(5) Insofar as our service providers or partners have their office in a country outside the European Economic Area, we will inform you about the consequences of this factor in the description of our offer.


5 Appeal against the processing of your data
If you have given your consent to the processing of your data, you can cancel this at any time. Such a revocation will affect the reliability of the processing of your personal data after you have submitted it to us. 


(2) Insofar we base the processing of your personal data on the balancing of interests, you can lodge an objection against the processing. This is the case if the processing is in particular not necessary for the performance of a contract with you, which will be presented by us individually in the following description of the functions. When exercising such an objection we would ask for the provision of the reasons why the processing of your personal data should not be carried out by us. In case of your justified objection we will examine the situation and either stop or adapt the data processing or point out our mandatory privileged reasons, on the basis of which we will continue with the processing.


(3) You can of course appeal at any time against the processing or your personal data for the purposes of data analysis. You can inform us about your objection using the following contact data: datenschutzbeauftragter@borgers-group.com 


6 SSL encryption
This page uses an SSL encryption for reasons of security and the protection of the transmission of confidential information, e.g. request which you send to us as the website operator. You can recognize an encrypted connection by the address field of the browser changing from “http://” to “https://” as well as the padlock icon in your browser line. If the SSL encryption has been activated, data which you are sending to us cannot be read by a third party. 


7 Use of Matomo
This website uses the web analysis service Matomo in order to analyse the use of our website to be able to improve it on a regular basis. Via the statistics gained we are able to improve our offer and develop it in a more interesting way for you as the user. 


Legal basis for the use of Matomo is page 1 of Article 6(1) lit. f DS-GVO.


(2) No tracking cookies are stored on your computer for this evaluation. The collected anonymised information is stored by the party responsible exclusively on their server in Germany. The prevention of the use of Matomo is possible by unchecking the box and thus activating the opt-out plugin:


Matomo Web Analysis

(3) This website uses Matomo with the extension “AnonymizeIPˮ. Thereby IP addresses are processed in an abbreviated form eliminating a direct reference to persons. The IP address transferred from your browser via Matomo will not be merged with other data collected by us. 


(4) The Matomo program is an open source project. You can obtain information of the third-party provider on data protection at https://matomo.org/privacy-policy/.  


8 YouTube
(1) We have integrated YouTube videos into our online offer, which are stored on www.YouTube.com and can be played back directly from our website.


Provider: YouTube LLC, 901 Cherry Ave. San Bruno, CA 94066 USA. 


The integration takes place in the extended data protection mode and/or no cookie solution, i.e. only when the video is played, YouTube will set cookies and pixel tags for the personalization of promotion and search results. We do not have any influence on this data transfer.


(2) By visiting the website YouTube obtains the information that you have accessed the relevant subpage of our website. With the playback of the YouTube video the following data are transmitted to Google as the YouTube operator:

  • the IP address,
  • the specific address of the page accessed on our website,
  • the transmitted identification code of the browser as well as
  • the system date and time of the visit,
  • cookies already present, via which your browser can positively be identified.


This takes place irrespective of whether YouTube provides a user account, via which you are logged in, or whether there is no user account. If you are logged in with Google, your data will be allocated directly to your account. If you do not want the allocation with your profile on Google, you will have to log out before activating the button. YouTube will store your data as user profiles and use them for purposes of promotion, market research and/or needs-based design of their website. Such an analysis takes places in particular (even for not logged-in users) for the provision of needs-based promotion and to inform other users of the social network about your activities on our website. You have the right to appeal against the creation of these user profiles provided that you contact YouTube if you want to exercise this right.


(3) As the operator of YouTube, Google is exclusively responsible for this data processing. You can obtain further information on the purpose and scope of the data collection and their processing by YouTube in the privacy statement. You will also obtain further information there on your rights and configuration options for the protection of your personal privacy: 



9 Vimeo
Furthermore, plugins of the video portal Vimeo of Vimeo, LLC, 555 West 18th Street, New York, New York 10011, USA, are integrated into our website. 


The underlying promotional purpose is to be regarded as a legitimate interest according to Article 6(1) lit. f DS-GVO. Whenever a page is visited on our website which offers one or several Vimeo video clips, a direct connection is established between your browser and a server of Vimeo in the USA. Thereby information about your visit and your IP address are stored there. Due to interactions with the Vimeo plugins (e.g. by clicking the start button) this information will also be transmitted to Vimeo and stored there. 


You can find the data protection declaration for Vimeo with further information about the collections and use of your data by Vimeo in Vimeo’s privacy statement: vimeo.com/privacy.


If you have a Vimeo user account and do not wish that Vimeo collects data about you via this website and merges them with your membership data stored with Vimeo, you have to log out of Vimeo before your visit of this website. 


10 Google Maps
On our website we use Google Maps (API) of Google LLC., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”). 


Google Maps is a web service for the presentation of interactive maps in order to present geographical information visually. Via the use of this service our location will be displayed to you and a possible journey made easier.


Already when visiting those subpages, in which the map of Google Maps is integrated, information about your use of our website (e.g. your IP address) is transmitted to servers of Google in the USA and stored there. This takes place regardless of whether Google provides a user account via which you are logged in or whether there is no user account. 


When you are logged in with Google, your data are directly allocated to your account. If you do not want the allocation with your profile at Google, you have to log out before activating the button. Google will store your data (even for not logged-in users), if necessary, as user profiles and analyse them. 


The collection, storage and analysis take place according to Article 6(1) lit. f DS-GVO on the basis of the legitimate interests of Google in the insertion of personalized advertising, market research and/or the needs-based development of Google websites. You have the right to appeal against the creation of these user profiles provided that you contact Google if you want to exercise this right. 


If you do not agree with the future transfer of your data to Google within the scope of use of Google Maps, there is the possibility to deactivate the web service of Google Maps completely by turning off the Javascript application in your browser. Google Maps and therefore the display of maps can not be used then on this internet page.

You can view the terms of use of Google at 


additional terms of use for Google Maps can be found at



You can find detailed information on data protection in connection with the use of Google Maps on the internet page of Google (“Google Privacy Policy”): 



11 Use of social media plugins
We are currently using the following social media plugins: Facebook, Instagram, Xing, and LinkedIn.


(2) We hereby use the so-called two-click solution, i.e. when you visit our page, absolutely no personal data are initially passed on to the provider of the plugins. You can identify the provider of the plugin via the tag on the box above their initials or the logo. We provide you with the possibility to community directly with the provider of the plugin via the button. Only if you click on the marked field and thereby activate it, the plugin provider receives the information that you have visited the corresponding web page of our online offer. Furthermore, the data mentioned under Point 3 of this declaration will be transferred. In the case of Facebook and Xing the IP addresses will be anonymized immediately after collection, according to the statements of the respective providers in Germany. Thus, by activating the plugin, personal data will be transmitted by you to the respective plugin provider and stored there (in case of US providers in the USA). Since the plugin provider carries out the data collection via cookies in particular, we would recommend deleting all cookies via the security settings of your browser before clicking on the boxes displayed in grey.


(3) We do not have any influence on the data collected and the data-processing operations nor do we know the full scale of the data collection, the purpose of the processing and the storage periods. We also do not have any information about the deletion of the collected data by the plugin provider.


(4) The plugin provider stores the collected data about you as user profiles and uses them for purposes of advertising, market research and/or needs-based development of their website. Such an evaluation is carried out (also for not logged-in users) in particular for the presentation of needs-based advertising and in order to inform other users of the social network about your activities on our website. You have the right to appeal against the creation of these user profiles provided that you contact the respective plugin provider if you want to exercise this right. Via the plugins we provide you with the possibility to interact with the social networks and other users, so that we can improve our offer and make it more interesting for you as the user.


Legal base for the use of the plugins is the first sentence of Article 6(1) lit. f DS-GVO.


(5) The transmission of data is carried out irrespective of whether you have an account with a plugin provider and have logged in there. If you are logged in with the plugin provider, the data collected by us will be allocated directly to your existing account with the plugin provider. If you operated the activated button and link the page, for instance, the plugin provider will also store this information in your user account and publicly share it with your contacts. We would recommend to you to log out regularly after using a social network, and in particular before activating the button, as this allows you to avoid an allocation to your profile with your plugin provider.


(6) You can obtain further information on purpose and scope of the data collection and their processing by the plugin provider in the following privacy statements of these providers. There you will also receive further information on your respective rights and configuration options for the protection of your personal privacy.


(7) Addresses of the respective plugin providers and URL with their privacy policies:


a) Facebook Inc., 1601 S California Ave, Palo Alto, California 94304, USA;

Further information on data collection:



b) New Work SE, Gänsemarkt 43, 20354 Hamburg, DE


c) LinkedIn Corporation, 2029 Stierlin Court, Mountain View, California 94043, USA


In case of problems, enquiries or suggestions, please contact our company’s data protection officer:
Borgersstraße 2–10
46397 Bocholt
Email: datenschutzbeauftragter(at)borgers-group.com 


From time to time the ongoing development of the internet necessitates adjustments to our privacy policy. We therefore reserve the right to make relevant modifications at any time. 

Borgers SE & Co. KGaA, Bocholt
Borgersstraße 2-10
46397 Bocholt, Deutschland
Telefon: +49 2871 345-0
Telefax: +49 2871 345-291
Facebook: www.borgers-group.com/facebook